Twinkly: Line and Flex bring lighting design into the smart home

Twinkly: Line and Flex bring lighting design into the smart home

The new Twinkly products for lighting decoration in the home are now available online and in stores

Twinkly, the leader in smart lighting made in Italy, continues to revolutionise the world of decorative lighting by opening up to interior design. Its products continue to evolve, but the technology and ease of use remain the same. 

With Line and Flex, the new range of smart products that can be controlled by app and voice assistant, Twinkly brings creativity and lighting design to the connected home.

Twinkly Line: is a self-adhesive and magnetic strip of LED lights that can be easily shaped to create frames and lighting effects in, for example, TV back panels, furniture profiles or walls. Twinkly Line illuminates every corner of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom for a chromotherapy effect.

Twinkly Flex: is a flexible LED Light tube that can be adapted into different shapes. Thanks to its ability to bend, the Twinkly Flex light opens up to individual creativity to create new compositions and lighting effects on every wall at home, in the office as well as in a café or restaurant.

Line and Flex take advantage of Twinkly's advanced, internationally patented and award-winning technology, which includes a complete ecosystem of connected LED lights that can be easily configured via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. A special computer vision algorithm detects the exact position of each light in the room and allows you to fully customise your decorations with unique lighting effects, shading and colour animations.

With Line and Flex, we want to give everyone who wants to be the lighting designer of their environment the opportunity to express their creativity and create the atmosphere that suits their mood at the moment," comments Marco Franciosa, co-founder of Twinkly. Line and Flex (which are fully integrated into the ecosystem of products already on the market) emerged from our R&D department, which is continuously exploring different possible applications for Twinkly, in line with our mission: to bring digital innovation to the world of home and professional lighting. With Line and Flex, we hope to repeat the success of our Christmas decorations, which have become a cult for all our fans.

Line and Flex are available online and in stores starting today, for purchase and/or pre-order exclusively at the following marketplaces:

Luminal Park, Italian marketplace for the EU market

Esbenshade for the US market

Festive Lights for the UK market

Power Scandinavian countries

Price:  from €39,99  


About Twinkly

Twinkly is a leading Italian tech company in the smart lighting industry whose mission is to bring digital innovation to the world of home and professional lighting. Twinkly's revolutionary smart and "connected" LED lights offer unlimited combinations of colours and patterns, as well as the ability to customise your own decorations from your smartphone. 

Founded in 2016 with 100% private equity, Twinkly is a fast-growing Italian company that closed 2020 with €15.5 million and expects revenues to exceed €30 million in 2021. It is based in Milan and markets its lights in over 40 countries. 

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